Responsible Gambling

Old-fashioned money management is the best and sole legal means of retaining control over new-fangled gambling machines. In fact, proper bankroll management can greatly enhance your playing pleasure. How is this possible? Prudent monetary managerial techniques let you cut your losses and grow your winnings.

First things first

Play offline or online pokies only when you are in a jovial state of sobriety. Emotional upset or impaired drunken judgment rapidly erodes all memory of the basic rules of winning play. Although this tip may seem to have nothing to do with reel spinning or dice throwing, it is may have the most impact on your long-term gaming success.

Establish budgetary boundaries

Long before you put the first cent of hard-earned cash into a machine, you should determine the maximum amount that you can afford to lose painlessly. Then, reduce that figure by about 10 percent or so to calculate your available bankroll. If, for instance, you have a total of $1,000 to your name, then your maximum gambling bankroll is $900. If your rent is due and you need to buy groceries, reduce that amount by the total cost of those necessary expenditures. The final figure at which you arrive is your gross gaming bankroll.

Create stop loss and stop-win limits

Let us suppose that after doing all the above-described calculations, you determine $100 to be your maximum comfortable loss. Your next step should be putting all other funds safely away in the bank. Then, decide the respective amounts of your maximum winnings and maximum losses. If your loss limit is $100, turn off your PC or mobile device the second that you lose $100 in an online pokies casino. Get up and walk away from the pokies machine in a land-based gaming hall as soon as the last quarter of your first $100 is gone. After all, “He who goes and walks away can come again some other day.”

Establishing a maximum win is somewhat trickier. Responsible gambling strategy for less risk-tolerant pokies players advise terminating play immediately after doubling or tripling your starting stake. This rule is flexible, however, as you may easily exceed these boundaries by hitting a good jackpot. If you should find yourself ahead by $1000 when you win a pokies jackpot after an hour of play, you should get up and walk away as this tenfold increase of your starting stake is unlikely to increase significantly when compared to the risks of continued play.

Should you forget to bring the above list of responsible gambling tips along on your next foray to your favourite pokies playing forum, you should at least keep the random aspect of machine-based gaming firmly in mind. Random Number Generators and the house edge programmed into automated pokies games are insurmountable. Remember to monitor the amount of money that you spend and always quit when ahead or not very far behind. Following this basic strategy will let you derive maximum enjoyment with much less stress while playing pokies online or offline.