Pokies tips

Pokies tips and playing adviceOne of the harsher realities of gaming life is that no one can predict with 100 percent accuracy precisely when offline or online pokie demo machines are in a pay mode. By following our simple tips for online pokies, you can win more often than you lose, however.

Following are some online pokies tips to help enhance your odds of winning at this exciting virtual game. Please note that all helpful hints are equally applicable to ordinary slot machines as well. By keeping these ideas in mind during the heat of “pokies battle,” we have cashed out of many web-based pokies numerous times with hundreds of extra dollars to our name.

1. Online pokies do have “pay” and “non-pay” cycles. Thus, if your machine does not pay out for a while, cut your losses and go on to another machine.

2. Alter your stake at frequent intervals. This sounds easy, but if you bet five credits per line, for instance, the pokies machine calculates a specific return for that spin based solely on your betting stake. Regular stake adjustments (we once did it every spine) can let you “feel out” a machine very easily. It might be paying out only small amounts or it may pay out big. Despite what happens, changing stakes will let you determine whether it will pay out small wins, big wins, or no wins.

3. Follow the “50/50 Rule” faithfully. Most online pokies have a “double up” feature that gives you the opportunity to double any win. This is the sole chance for an opportunity to win based on a completely random outcome. Most double up features typically offer something like the choice to choose between a red card and a black card. If your choice matches the pre-set concealed option, then the amount of your win doubles. Thus, you have a 50/50 chance of doubling your win. Therefore, virtual pokies Tip #3 is to always gambling on the 50/50!

You do not have to be a mathematician to recognize that doing this for every win shifts the odds slightly in your favour. Give your luck a chance and play for real at FairGo casino and enjoy pokies with them!

4. HOTTEST TIP!! Play pokies online! Virtual slot machines offer much better odds than their physical counterparts in hotels, clubs, and pubs do. Stop and think about it: Pokies in your local haunt are essentially money machines that rake in revenue for the business. Downloadable pokies offer much higher payout percentages, as operator overhead is much, much lower. So, do yourself a favour and stick to downloadable online pokies.

5. Collect your winnings and keep them safe! This point is crucial. If, for example, you cash out $200 in winnings after starting with just $100, put $100 back in your pocket and forget it is there. This is an obvious online pokies tip ;).

You can do the same thing just as easily with downloadable pokies, since you may cash out at any point. If you wish to continue playing, just deposit more money. Do NOT touch your winnings, however!

You can greatly enhance your odds of winning by following the above online pokies tips.

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