How to play pokies

As offline and online pokies share many common game play aspects, seasoned pokies players should have no problems with virtual game versions – online pokies. Therefore, this Article is for slot machines and pokies newcomers.

The following discussion about how to play online pokie games assumes that the reader already has all necessary software and a player account with an online casino. The most popular Aussie software maker is Aristocrat – beckground is detailed in our new article.

Basic steps to play online pokies

1) Choose a game via the “Games” option on the player interface menu
2) Decide what amount you wish to wager
3) Click the “Spin” icon
4) Watch the spinning reels for your final results

How to play online pokies for free?Choosing a game is simple; just log onto the virtual casino. Find the “Slots” section of the “Games” menu, as most online casinos refer to pokies as “slots.” Next, click on your desired game and it will instantly load. We recommend that you review the game’s pay table by clicking the “payout” or “view pays” icon.

Rather than having to deposit cash for game credits, your available casino account balance automatically transfers to your chosen game. So, watch your balance while you play if you want to use some of your money for another game(s).

With the exception of some progressive-jackpot games, all online pokies feature a range of betting levels and per-line coin wagers. For example, suppose you are at a 20-line game that offers a maximum per-line wager of ten credits. You may bet anywhere from 20 to 200 credits on each spin with all lines being active. Virtual gaming venues typically nominate credits as “coins,” so we will do likewise.

You may also choose the total number of lines on which you wish to wager by clicking the “lines” icon. You may also select the number of credits you want to bet on each line by clicking the “coins” icon. To bet the maximum number of coins, just click the “Max Bet” icon to start spinning the reels.

Besides having the option to select the number of credits you want to bet on each line and the total number of lines to bet on, you may choose a coin denomination. Look for a section of the screen that displays a currency amount (i.e.; .01, .50). Clicking any displayed amount will show you all the options available for that specific game.

After deciding on a per-spin betting level, just click the “Spin” icon to spin the reels. Your credit balance automatically increases each time the reels stop on a winning symbol combination. Games with a gamble feature allow you to double any win by clicking the “Gamble” icon.

 5 Dragons  50 Lions  More Chilli
 Where’s the gold  Lucky 88  Red baron
 Queen of the Nile 2  Zorro

Free spins and bonus rounds

Some games display other icons like “Start Free Spins” or “Start Feature” that might display while you play. Other games may also feature a “Stop” icon to pause the reels if you want to play in Fast Mode.

Most online pokies also feature various advanced options that may include stopping when the jackpot reaches a certain level or specifying a certain number of spins.

Should you be uncertain about any game feature, all pokies online provide a “Help” section where players may learn more about any game, including details like playing rules, available bonuses, or progressive jackpot requirements. To try your luck, feel free to play at FairGo the Australian casino portal.