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Online casino gambling – like every other living and breathing organism – is continuously evolving and exploring various ways to improve, to grow and to capture players’ attention. With attention-spans getting ever shorter as the general noise of the internet reaches new heights each year, standing out one way or another, making one’s voice heard over the noise is more and more challenging.

Live dealer casino Australia 2022

Some newly explored solutions are viable, others prove to be dead ends and end up getting dropped. To which category live dealer online casinos belong is as yet unclear. Will it be more than a simple novelty or is it just a passing fad? What exactly are live dealer online casinos though?

They’re some pretty serious operations, since they hire actual dealers and plenty of personnel, much like a brick and mortar gambling operation. Unlike regular online casinos, where there’s software and not much else, and which may not even exist in a physical shape anywhere, live dealer online casinos possess actual studios where the action takes place. The actual dealers are generally licensed and highly skilled croupiers, who make players feel as if they stepped right into an actual casino.

The costs of running such an operation are obviously much higher than those involved with ‘traditional’ online casinos, but the novelty factor is certainly there and it does seem to work too. The advantages offered by live dealer online casinos are quite obvious. Players can experience the actual atmosphere of a live gambling den from their homes. The action is also quite a bit more spectacular and –according to some – the games are more difficult to rig (we beg to differ on that account).

Drawbacks of live dealer casinos

All that comes at a cost though: because the operating costs of such casinos are indeed much steeper than those of a regular online operation, the bonuses and various other promotions offered by live dealer casinos tend to be a lot stingier The speed of the action is much reduced, so those who are eager to hit the ‘spin’ button as soon as possible, probably won’t enjoy live dealer play.

Because of the actual human element involved, the games with live dealers are rather limited. As a matter of fact, most live dealer online casinos offer conventional software games too, because live dealer games can’t really provide enough volume. Fruit machines, slot machines or online pokies are not exception either.

Thus far, although there are several such online casinos out there, a trend is yet to develop. The cons seem to outweigh the pros though, so this may yet turn into a dead-end street in the overall evolutionary process of the online casino industry. Our recommendation: if you have never played in such a casino before, by all means, do give it a shot. You may end up liking the experience.


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