Poker machines

This Article discusses the most common types of poker machines that are currently available in both physical and virtual versions. We have gone to great lengths to explore the deepest and outermost reaches of the Internet to identify and classify these gaming devices. Why did we go to so much trouble?

Well, you should be very glad to know that we expended such vast energy and effort all in an effort to assist you in identifying the best online poker machines ones that best suit your preferences — and your pocketbook.

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3-reel pokies

This pokie genre is the most traditional variety. Upon initial introduction to the marketplace, all 3-reel poker machines featured a trio of reels that would spin mechanically and reward each player in proportion to his or her original wager. Known variously as “Liberty Bells,” the first type of 3-reel received quick patents and a variation of this format developed wherein the winning symbol combination was a row of three cherries. All of our featured 3-reel poker machines online are entirely comparable to those in any land-based gaming establishment.

5 reel pokies

With the exception of 2 extra reels, this automated pokies devices is identical to its 3-reeled kin. This mechanical addition makes it harder to line up winning combinations but it also equates to much more moolah when you do manage to win. Check out a few of the 5-reel poker machines within one or more of our featured online casino sites.

Online progressive jackpot pokies

Progressive jackpot poker machines are favourites among our staff and Australia online casino players. (Keep in mind that we also play in our featured virtual venues). What does “progressive” mean? In contrast to ordinary pokies that pay out fixed sums for specific winning combinations, maximum progressive pokies jackpots constantly increase. This occurs because a tiny portion of all player bets made on such machines is set aside for subsequent inclusion in the progressive jackpot. Consequently, you will frequently encounter enormous jackpots that are winnable only if your line up a lucky symbol combination. Check out the progressive poker machines in one or more online casino sites featured herein.

Jackpot pokies machines

Like its 3 and 5-reeled kin, the payoff for each winning combination is fixed in jackpot pokies machines. A significantly higher jackpot is the only distinction between ordinary and jackpot pokies.

Video pokies machines

We would definitely advise you to check out all the various types of online poker machines to learn which are the most appropriate for you. Most importantly, remember to have fun! After all, it is only a game.


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