How to win at pokies? Online pokie guide for Aussie players

How to win at online pokies in Australia?

Online casino slots are based on luck. They’re very fun and entertaining to play, but sometimes it’s not very easy to find out how to start. Often, new people will just search on the internet and start playing on any of the poker machines. But that’s not the best way. We will teach you how to play online casino pokies. Just read the following points and follow them accordingly.

Slot machine games are available in two versions. They are: Java/Flash and Downloadable. In the Java/Flash version, you don’t need to download anything. Just visit their site and start playing. On the contrary, you must download and install the software to play in the aptly named downloadable versions. Both are very good. You need to find out the ideal one for you. Downloadable games are faster and they give you a better user interface and sound quality.

Also, they will allow you to choose from a longer list of game than Java/Flash versions. The upside to Java/Flash versions is that you don’t need to download anything and you can play instantly through your browser. You should find the best coin size for you. You should start with the smallest coin possible. Try to learn the tricks of online slot gaming by playing with small coins and then increase your bet amount as your confidence increases.

Bonus promotions and deals

Look at the advertisements of different casino slots (Fair Go or Oshi for instance) and see if they can offer you the required coin size you wish to play for. If they can, please check the payback percentage very carefully. It’s very important. They often use different tricks in their advertisements to appeal to new gamers e.g. slogans like “can win up to 98% of the time”. What they tell you is not as important as what they don’t tell you e.g. that you can also win 0%.

Choose the best available slot according to their paybacks. Also, notice which slots is popular among the regular players. Regular players don’t play on cold machines which don’t give out much money. After you choose a suitable slot, you should continue playing when it is hitting often or at least once in every four or five attempts. Otherwise, simply leave the slot thinking this particular pokie machine wasn’t lucky for you. Find another similar slot and sit on that.

Which online casino to choose?

If you find two or more casinos meeting your needs, try to find the best by watching the max amount of bonuses in different forms. There are several forms of bonuses such as welcome cash bonus, first time deposit bonus, multi-deposit bonuses, etc. Sometimes, they’ll offer you a no deposit bonus where they will give you a certain amount of money to try their casino. If you don’t like it, then you may leave. The no deposit bonus is a very good way to test a online casino, so try sites that offer these first.

Hope you have read the above points and that they will help you learn how to effectively choose and play online slot games. Many of the most popular online pokie games have been redesigned as mobile slots. So don’t be surprised if you see people playing real money games like Tomb Raider and Thunderstruck from their smart phones. All the time, more games are made into ones that can play on mobiles.