Big Pokie Wins – Progressive jackpot slots 2023

Progressive Jackpot slotsSurely one of the biggest appeals of playing at the online casino is the opportunity to win literally life-changing, million-dollar amounts on a progressive jackpot slot. As progressive jackpots get bigger and bigger, the popularity of these games will surely increase in parallel. It’s hard to believe that back in 2001, the world record progressive jackpot ever won online was the $349,843.85 taken from Microgaming software’s groundbreaking video slot Treasure Nile by a player known as Olivier C.

It would take another four years before the internet would see its first $1 million-plus winner; in January 2005, a Chilean player named Alex O. won $1,031,270. Just four months after that, however, a player known as Cari took over $1.8 million on Playtech’s Gold Rally, and top-paying progressive slot jackpots were off the races as millionaires were seemingly created monthly. By 2007, the Millionaires Club progressive jackpot closed in on $6 million before it was hit by a player going by the name “Obaesso” for exactly $5,898,352.

Progressive jackpot slots

Microgaming’s extremely popular Mega Moolah Progressive Slot closed in on the Millionaire’s Club record in 2008 but in April of that year, Finnish player Klaus E. cleaned out the virtual machine for $5.55 million-plus. Klaus represented a pair of landmarks for Microgaming when he became the software supplier’s biggest-ever winner and the 13th multi-million winner of a Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Network payout. Biggest of all the big winners (to date), though, is Greek player Georgios M., who holds the current record for a single win with his 50-eurocent spin on Mega Moolah which became €6.37 million (about $8.2 million) in 2009.

Progressive slot payouts

Nowadays, multi-million progressive slot payouts are almost old hat (though not for the winners, one supposes) enough that the latest Mega Moolah progressive jackpot win of $4.1 million received a sliver the attention of Obaesso or Klaus E.’s big payouts.

While breaking Georgios’ record seems impossible, just consider how today’s online slot payouts would look to those internet casino players of ten years ago. And early day played in the casino is a chance to win that life-changing jackpot, as at least one seven-figure progressive is out there. can keep you up to date with jackpot trackers, news and the other information you want while pursuing that big win.

Progressive Slots Offer Jackpot

Jackpot slot machinesThere is a reason why progressive slots or machines are referred to as life-changers. Well, this is because progressive slots offer the highest jackpot prizes than any other slots. Every gambler playing the game contributes to the jackpot, making the prize increase rapidly and substantially until someone wins it. In most cases, progressive slot games are available at more than one casino, and several different slot games contribute and qualify for a progressive jackpot.

To enjoy the game, you need to understand its mechanics and learn its techniques. Progressive machines are often a group of many slot machines networked together. The jackpot is pooled as a percentage of all the money played into the stand-alone machine or the linked machines. As a result of the growing jackpot, the actual payout for other winning combinations is lesser and the actual payout percentage of a progressive machine is lesser than other slots.

Progressive slots are not built equally, and they come in three different types. The “Stand-Alone Progressive Machine” is not linked to other machines. It pools the jackpot by adding a percentage of the coins played to the award for the highest winning combination. Naturally, the payout or prize of a stand-alone progressive slot is lower than that of linked slots. It has a meter that shows the jackpot prize.

Meanwhile, “In-House” or “Proprietary Progressive Machines” are a group of slots linked together, but they are owned or operated by a single gaming company. It may, however, be in two or more casinos if the gaming company runs more than one establishment. Finally, the “Wide Area Progressive Machines” are the slots that offer the highest jackpot, making it life-changing.

They are from various casinos, affiliated or otherwise, linked together and operated by an independent operator, not by a single gaming company. The casinos that house them get a percentage of the winnings but the operator owns the games. The payback of percentage of wide area progressive slots is lower because of the administrative and networking costs associated with them.

As with most high-paying game of chance or luck, progressive slots give you no better chance of hitting the jackpot. Nevertheless, the thrill of lining up the winning combination and the act of planning how to spend your winnings should give you enough reason to play the game.