Macintosh Pokies Australia

Macintosh compatible pokie games

Macintosh pokies AustraliaAll across the country, people are enjoying the thrill of digital pokies. These machines are in pubs, in restaurants, and in homes. These games have migrated from actual cabinets on to the net, letting a player virtually play poker from the comfort of his own house. Once the domain of the PC, these games have become available for the Apple Macintosh.

What is the difference: PC or Mac Pokies?

One of the main reasons that PC Pokies and Casino sites aren’t suitable for Macintosh is because these sites require a download. The pokies software often comes wrapped in an .exe file extension, a format that works well with a PC compatible computer but not with the Mac. To circumnavigate this issue, a Mac owner has a couple of options.


Every copy of OSX comes with a program called Bootcamp. This helps a user to partition the hard-drive so programs and drivers that run on Windows can be installed on a Mac. Loading the PC compatible .exe files this way should help various pokies and casino programs work. However, there is one main caveat: The Mac has to be an Intel based system. All new Macintosh systems are Intel based, so this shouldn’t be an issue for most users. Not everyone wants to partition a hard drive and use Bootcamp to run a pokies program. What are these people to do?

Flash and Java

The best way to play most online pokies with a Mac is through the browser. This means that a player needs to be active and seek out poker and casino games with no download. These games are usually created with Flash or Java. These are programs created specifically to interact with the World Wide Web. It is also a good idea to make sure Flash and Java on the Mac are updated, to take advantage of the newest features that they offer.

HTML5 Pokie Games

All modern browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and even mobile browsers support the newest version of HTML. This language helps content creators embed their content on various websites with ease. Poker and casino websites are popping up using HTML 5. This language allows pokies to work across all systems regardless of make or model. The web is becoming ever more accessible and so are online casino and poker games.

Be Safe!

When seeking out poker and casino sites, be careful and only use ones that are legitimate. Unscrupulous websites can still infect and harm a computer, even without a software download. It is a good rule of thumb to have a security program running in the background. Using a security program and safe web surfing practices help keep a computer from coming down with a bad virus.